The members of the Kansas City Lithuanian Community have been gathering together and spreading the rich Lithuanian culture with the Midwest. Lithuanian families settled in Kansas City, KS in the early 1900's. At one time there was a small neighborhood consisting of 50 Lithuanian families, a church - St. Casimir's and a school. After the church closed in 1947, the Lithuanian community began to separate and disperse. The revival of the Lithuanian community in Kansas City began in the fall of 1981. Two cousins, Don and Chuck Zemaitis, were concerned that Lithuanian customs were being lost. They and many others wanted to see the Lithuanian culture preserved, thus the Kansas City Lithuanian Community was formed.

The newly reunited community had several picnics at Wyandotte City Park to gather, share stories and enjoy. The President and Board also decided to organize a large Lithuanian Festival which was held in Wyandotte County Park in August of 1981. The Festival drew hundreds of people and was a huge success. The Lithuanian culture and heritage were indeed something that local people were interested in. The Community, Board and AIDAS Dance Group continued to outreach to Kansas City citizens through their dancing, activities such as the Ethnic Enrichment Festival, and Lithuanian Independence Day.

Today, we have a vibrant, growing community made up of new immigrants from Lithuania as well as 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation Lithuanian Americans. There are also non Lithuanians in our community. The dreams of our ancestors who first settled here have been realized: Lithuania is a free, democratic country and our community has survived to see some of Lithuania's best and brightest join with Americans of Lithuanian descent to promote and preserve our proud Lithuanian heritage.